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2837 days ago


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zoicberg 2593 days ago

like ass!!!!!

alika72 2600 days ago


tzibell 2638 days ago


girl322009 2772 days ago


TheyCallMeSmash 2830 days ago

eating healthy are we =)

BaldRocker 2833 days ago

Ummmm....this IS NOT a "Happy Plate"!
How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat?????

dakotagirl0501 2835 days ago

looks like it was good!

terri513 2835 days ago

UMMMMM is that healthy lol.. JK ;p You need to photoshop in a few sticks of butter lmao.. *wink* love ya Deanna and Chris :) DPST and the Big Guy say "HEY"

keyannasmommy 2835 days ago

mmm :)
by the way, I agree, I CAN believe it's not butter, tastes nothing like it lol

nedinachristina 2835 days ago

Soon you'll be on the road....wishing you had a healthy meal. Enjoy!

DJKelly515 2835 days ago

Looks good Chris you eat very well. I'm glad you enjoyed your food. I'm happy that you eat all your food because it's very good for you. We you fans want you to stay healthy so you can keep rocking with us because we all love you so very much Your so awe

jodiracanati 2835 days ago


reet_petite 2836 days ago

Pleased you ate all your food - Despite the lack of salt!
You crack me up Chris! You're sooooo funny!!

lin_cora 2836 days ago

so whats on the menu tomorrow? You know you will start a trend - We'll all be on The Daughtry Diet!!

DebBee80 2836 days ago

yup the trick is butter and brown sugar for the potato, looks like a lil butter on the vegie, to go with all your pepper. lol Y R U doing this if I may ask?

karebear1212 2836 days ago

ohhh i gotta ask somethang?? i wanna know.. does you mom make sweet potatoe pie..ohhgoodd i want some

karebear1212 2836 days ago

it cut if off again oh well u got the point

karebear1212 2836 days ago

so i can get it all in dude: my plate is swordfish marinades in lime juice (in a simple ziplock)w/2prawns purchased at(wholefoods ya i shop there&because im picky)then garlic powder.Then put on my weberQ(u know what that is?) but not just anyone can grill

karebear1212 2836 days ago

wait a minute i wrote more than that stupid computer it cut it off! Ok guess their a minimun(o.m.g i cant spell my last grade was kindergarden:) oh crap ok.. your plate:compared my plate:

karebear1212 2836 days ago

ha ha ha... MY FOOD IS BETTER THAN THAT! My brocelli is like awesome! U put to much pepper on no..& the salmon on the left no way! Im guessing i right! Mines better! ha ha good.. the sweet potatoe looks good (carbs in that thang) i