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Wish you were here. #rehearsal #HS@roxy #getyourtix #liketoday

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2004 days ago

Wish you were here. #rehearsal #HS #getyourtix #liketoday


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Shannannagin 2004 days ago

love that Alex is wearing a PSU shirt

liveonlyforJBHS 2004 days ago

also, u guys should do somethin that one fan gets to come in and see u @ rehearsal!that would be RAD! :)

liveonlyforJBHS 2004 days ago

aww! i REALLY wish i was there even MORE now! ahh can't wait! 5 days i see u! #lookinhawtasalways

helenbeall 2004 days ago

Awe, I wish I could be at your rehearsal :)

MrsJonasBruno 2004 days ago

awww u guys this is awesome! wish i was there too! but i am seeing u in 5 days love! i love you sooooo much!

smEYEth 2004 days ago

alex, i am diggin' the pennstate shirt, <3 :D

NoyesLilRebel 2004 days ago

haha i remember that room haha carpet walls hehe

duhitsNikkiD 2004 days ago

I just noticed that paige hahaha. That's WHATS UP! (:

paigers1793 2004 days ago

Alex knows what's up! PENN STATE! Good choice ;)

HereComesVi 2004 days ago

I'm jealous :'( Please, come in France guys <3

Perpulgirl155 2004 days ago

wish i was there too

RockWithYouJB 2004 days ago

I'm not there, I'm not going to be in the Roxy show, I'm not even in the United States.I really want to be there but I can't u.u, #ArgentinaNeedsHonorSociety :D, I LOVE U GUYS♥

xxMissMaura 2004 days ago

P.S. Alex, LOVE the Penn State shirt! :)

xxMissMaura 2004 days ago

If I could fly across the country, I would. It kills me that I'm missing this show. :(

SykesSyko 2004 days ago

Looks like fun! ;)
I would fly to see you, but I can't.
Come to England soon!

TiffDillard 2004 days ago

Awww... I love you guys so much! :)

fabiolaaa13 2004 days ago

ah i can't wait for next thursday.!!!
finally seeing you gents since april :)

xbendorbreak 2004 days ago

Looks like fun... I wish I could go to tht show. I <3 you guys!!!

PierceTheAnnax 2004 days ago

Awww<3 I REALLY wish I could be there :)!