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more from the OR. take a look at this cervical spine CT. can you spot the problem?

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2211 days ago

more from the OR. take a look at this cervical spine CT. can you spot the problem?


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abcspine 2205 days ago

Agree with the C6 corpectomy and C5-7 fusion. Based on this one slice and appropriate anterior fixation, I see no need for posterior augmentation. Keep em coming, Sanjay!

kikibhatia 2210 days ago

if i were you, I would perform a corpectomy at c6, do a c5-7 fusion. Then, i would flip the patient and do c3-t1 corpectomy. You really should cross the c/t junction. let me know how it goes...watch out for that c7 pedicle screw

fitfab40 2210 days ago

Isn't this C5 fx? And dislocation.

tonjafield 2211 days ago

Not HIPAA - no patient information is present on the CT. Looks like a fx at C6!

Jamdeeder 2211 days ago

ow-o-ow, not good, the vertabrae is upside down...I recommend surgery... oh and TM(below) this could be YOUR SPINE, or Mine, there is no private information devulged!

tobymarkowitz 2211 days ago

HIPPAA violation? Was permission to make public documented?

cpi013 2211 days ago

ok I see the C6 now. Good thing I'm not the Dr.

fhbainbridge 2211 days ago

C6 flexion-compression (teardrop) injury with kyphosis. Anterior and posterior columns gone. Neuro status? These are often quads.

sawagnermd 2211 days ago

I hope there is no permanent spinal damage

earlybedandrise 2211 days ago

lucky it wasn't c3/4/5. still, yikes.

JollyvilleChick 2211 days ago

cool use of twitpic and btw OUCH

cpi013 2211 days ago

Fractured disk around t-9 t-10