Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

We're on a boat. #fromset #Mythbusters

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2092 days ago

We're on a boat. #fromset #Mythbusters


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Spriggs14o 2025 days ago

hitter Hi take a look at r z

Fuzzybeard2016 2027 days ago

Kari looks like a Russian sailor!

RoBoCoP____ 2047 days ago

Tory looks like a bison

RichardDDragon 2091 days ago

why does tory look like he doesn't wanna be there?

Conanrocksmysox 2091 days ago

SDWatmough had the best comment ever. Btw where is your nautical themed pashmina afghan?

parrotology 2091 days ago

Tory has really meaty hands. Look at those fingers! They're sausages!

SDWatmough 2091 days ago

Myth: Boating is a good way to waste an afternoon during November in San Fransico.

krajnavalta 2091 days ago

you gotta love the #Mythbusters

StLouisMan2 2091 days ago

Another myth busted.

MarianoBryant 2091 days ago


Superfly___ 2091 days ago

Tori's looking old :P

Baigar 2091 days ago

You guys (and girl) just rule.. Is there something more to add? No, you're simply awesome.

qbubbles 2091 days ago

Tell Kari to eat something.

SamhainNight 2091 days ago

Wheres your life vests?

TheButterZone 2091 days ago

Yipee ki-yay, Mister Falcon.

cobrar1 2091 days ago

anyone else notice Tory flicking everyone off? awsome.

Chrismas95 2091 days ago

Not one made from newspaper? :P

tembrooke 2091 days ago

Nice photo! (You guys have the coolest jobs on the planet.)

andy669966996 2091 days ago

water=wet! :)

RachFromOH 2091 days ago

omg, that water just looks c-c-c-collld-d-d! :shiver: