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My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work

FML..........I'm about to destroy this shit lmao! Don't judge mr

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2006 days ago

FML..........I'm about to destroy this shit lmao! Don't judge mr


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realdjsizzle 1945 days ago


thatwoodardgirl 1958 days ago

shit sliders lmao, but good tho

Monecita86 1963 days ago

LOVE White Castle... Im angry cuz I live in Fl and there are not enough here... if any! There are none in the part I live in anyway

lrw678 1968 days ago

are you hungry?

Main_Flame 1968 days ago

If you don't know what the roll of tissue is for, then you don't know White Castle!Bitchesssss!1

StilettoDream 1976 days ago

WHATTTTTTTTT???!!!! White Castle is my them all over the Bronx. Im mad I moved to CT n they got none! I go back every wk n try 2 get me a cheeseburger, fish sandwich, n fish But Kevin wtf is the roll of tissue for? Them burg

thundaXmusic 1977 days ago

the roll of tissue is for wat lol

nadav0011 1985 days ago


Mz_bRoWnSuGaR84 2004 days ago

LMAO "Somebody come look at this...gotdamn kevin eating at white castles...u see this?"

missbay 2006 days ago

I luv me sum White Castles...gotta have a real crave'n 4 it tho...WC is a landmark in STL! :-)

MsMsWest 2006 days ago

So I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that NOT enough tissue. #Imjustsayin'

MadameFolarin 2006 days ago

lmfao swear i love dude ass

k1ngcor3y 2006 days ago

umm Why is there a roll of tissue in front of you?

taliea 2006 days ago

Oh. My. Word.

OnlyFoolsWitCB 2006 days ago

ie dont believe youu qot in your little self LOL ! seriously doe , youu dont .

LBOOGY87 2006 days ago


iwRITe_thArules 2006 days ago

lol looks sooo good :)

Mrs_Savage_Life 2006 days ago

Not wit the roll of tissue. Lmao

Geek_E 2006 days ago

Somebody come look at this lol.... keep enjoying being kevin hart

f_ckl_ve 2006 days ago

roll of tissue and all lmao