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Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.

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2720 days ago


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Terrilynoqyqd 2024 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20 http://cuteurl.info/?HMhEr

holly_jocoy 2714 days ago

can I be a lucky Ginger-headed girl like this in my next life?

Rileah 2714 days ago

The famous Nathan self-shot:) Felicia you look gorgeous!

takewhat 2717 days ago

That lady on the left is quite delectable *g*

maryclevenger 2717 days ago

hassc, I think that's actually Jason Bateman...

xfirefly9x 2717 days ago

Awwwwwwws! *melty* :)

musicalkitten 2718 days ago

I sort of want to take you both home and put you in my pocket, you're so loverly.

salmondancer 2718 days ago

The amount of jealousy i'm feeling towards felicia right now is probably unhealthy...

hassc 2719 days ago

Isn't that Charlie Sheen?

Zeklyn 2719 days ago

They are both really funny... and cute together... :)

CandyMaize 2719 days ago

I'm wondering what the two of you were plotting when this pic was taken.

cosmogenium 2719 days ago

I watched Dr. H. on my ipod, too. I kept cracking up at my desk at work and had to wait until I could get outside. Loved you all!

ducksinmypool 2719 days ago

I watched Dr. Horrible on my ipod for the first time while on an airplane. Laughed so hard out loud the flight crew prob thought they had a nut job onboard.

RebeckaRowan 2719 days ago

Stupid lousy break-up. Happy pretty people everywhere, gosh darn it. Still... The aww factor... Must resist the aww factor... retain grumpy sense of self... fzzzzzt...

maryclevenger 2719 days ago

Well, I guess WE know who the two most adorable people were in Hollywood, yesterday!

heylittlerobot 2719 days ago

captain hammer is way too cute.

aleksauce 2719 days ago

It is my goal in life to some day be this cute.

evil_lyte 2719 days ago

Lucky lady! Nathan looks like he's up to something... :D

buffybaskey 2719 days ago

what a gorgeous photo!!!!

counterpoints 2719 days ago

work it captain hammer :P