Google Images, 'The Elder Zelda: Skyrim Sword', achei este avatar. Pra mim faz sentido. OBS: eu to pelado na foto.

This made my day, thanks @SuperMeatBoy :D

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1637 days ago

This made my day, thanks :D


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Zaver_88 1612 days ago

Why haven't I seen this sooner? This is great!

NeverKn0wsb357 1631 days ago

FTW, LOL effective trolls are effective

MaryCapaldi 1633 days ago

hm how long a face can I make to fill up my tweet -____________________________________________-

DammitFreehaven 1636 days ago

Epic lawls.

ecwpa 1636 days ago

master trolls indeed xD

chr0n1x 1636 days ago


NZFodder 1636 days ago

This is... this is the best thing ever. It's making me want to buy the game. hahahaha! You guys rock!

DeweyDTruman 1636 days ago

Oh man, that is the best thing ever

Xerone 1637 days ago

Oh man, such trolls! Good job.

superharek 1637 days ago

PETA-people eat tasty animals xD

superharek 1637 days ago

This is Hilarious!!!

coldacid 1637 days ago


jocelynlegault 1637 days ago


alek214 1637 days ago

This is the best.

HybridCobra 1637 days ago

LOL thats great!

zMASKm 1637 days ago

at first, i was like "lol" but then i was like "LOL"

iruchii 1637 days ago

I fucking love Team Meat. No homo.

robinSVD 1637 days ago

well, it would work on me, i lol'd hard

mithhunter 1637 days ago

BAHahahaha <3 Team meat

FizzVsTheWorld 1637 days ago

PETA: People who are Easily Trollable Asshats