I wanted to share this story because I wanted to give emphasis on how humble MJ is--- all these years. Being humble is one of the many reason why I love and respect MJ. I find this story very unusual too and so as the picture. So many has been said about MJ but nonetheless, almost all who met him always say the exact same thing about him.

(In photo: Michael Jackson and Caroline Kennedy)

Story by Bettine Cirone (a photographer from NYC)

When I first met Michael Jackson at a New Jersey amusement park this unassuming sweet kid was so humble that I thought he was the boyfriend of the gal who played Alice in The Wiz on Broadway. 

When he told me sweetly and without rancour "I am not her boyfriend." I later learned he was playing the role of The Scarecrow for The Wiz Movie and he was part of The Jackson Five. 

A few months later, he approached me and asked me to photograph him with Caroline Kennedy and her Mom, Jackie O. I told him it wasn't a good picture and I would ask them to pose with him. He declined shyly and assured me that the photo I took was fine. 

Years later Jackie had approached him when she was working for Doubleday for a book she wanted to edit about his life story (MJ's autobiography--- Moonwalk). At this time at the Rainbow Room she may not have been aware of his existence.