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With Rev Run and Russell Simmons..going to create something cool.

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2112 days ago

With Rev Run and Russell Simmons..going to create something cool.


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begreen2 1945 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Your tapes really made a difference in my life nearly 20 years ago. Nice to be able to be touch.

kitty_baroque 1949 days ago

OMG Deepak is gonna scratch!!!

royally_chic 2013 days ago

Great minds think alike and must collaborate in Greatness....wishing you all the power 3 can bring....With Love...

Sweety_145 2043 days ago

awesome :)) you have my bless ;)))

TheEleventhHour 2072 days ago


fuckimtwitting 2084 days ago


TreezRollins 2089 days ago

RUN DEEPAK RUSS- Three the Hard Way!

AlexandraMysoor 2098 days ago

Can't wait to hear what innovation will come out of this collaboration. Sounds cool!

bindubalan 2106 days ago

great minds!

lakiba 2109 days ago

Love that you're working on something together. I admire you all. Can't wait to hear about it. God Bless.

tropic_tonic 2111 days ago

This shot is full of awesome. I like how RR & RS are in white & you're sporting black. The 3 Musketeers..The 3 Amigos..Ok, I'll stop. ;) Can't wait to read about the coolness!

beth2u 2111 days ago

Russell! I loved your book, "Do You." Elizabeth Scott

ancaflor 2111 days ago

have a great time toghether
deepak,I love your books..all my life is differend now..

SkipperHart 2111 days ago

I wish I was standing here with you guys. Three great men in one room. What more can you ask for?

cgubernat 2112 days ago

I'm curling up with "A Path To Love" at the moment...enjoy.

spiritquoter 2112 days ago

Well, I'm not sure who Rev Run is but I will be finding out!! Anybody that walks the Earth the way Deepak walks the Earth instantly has my attention!!

say_it_aint_so 2112 days ago

Awesome!!!! Deepak - I have so many of your books.....they have gotten me through the good, bad and the ugly!! I also love Rev Run's Words of Wisdom -- can't wait to see what your collaboration brings! It will most definitely enlighten many! =)

lindsaysutton 2112 days ago

I really *love* you all. Looking forward to the collaboration! :D

daniellericks 2112 days ago

Very cool!

goddesskring 2112 days ago

cute pic