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1896 days ago


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OnlyKyuWook 1818 days ago

you two are so sweet .Kyuhyun is so handsome, and Kyuhyun is a perfect husband!!KyuWook fans will stand by KyuWook FOREVER!!

eeeisya 1842 days ago

cho kyuhyun.

ELF_NUCH 1864 days ago

kyuhyun oppa ==

wookiemylove 1871 days ago

this is kyu oppa in his musical, he look so handsome

tin_wookSJelf 1874 days ago

내가 kyuwook을 (kyuhyun 및 Ryeowook) 사랑

saree_arch 1882 days ago

kyuhyun !!!! >,<

SummerLyng 1883 days ago

มันคืออะไรอ้า ? น่ากิน 5 55 +

Angwook 1886 days ago

kyu!!!! XD :)

AndreaDanED 1887 days ago

musketeer Kyuhyun

deeminie 1887 days ago

because of this pic, i feel very happy^^ thank oppa much much much^^

deeminie 1887 days ago

Kyu a! you're so cute :X:X

RYEOMARY 1887 days ago


nguyentamthuy 1888 days ago

kyu trông đẹp quá!
wook à, anh có thấy thế không?

Mari8899 1888 days ago

Lol Kyu!!! Hahah your sooo cute kyunnie!

LEMmebetheone 1889 days ago

omg,kyu is so HOT here :) so cute!~!

Philo_Witch 1889 days ago

Love Kyu kiki

shinteukie 1889 days ago

hyaaa.... kyuhyun-ahhh!!! you are damn so coollll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HALAHYUN 1890 days ago

آآآآآآآهـ كيونآآ , كل ماشفتك بهآالمسرحيه يضيق صدري >_< ض1
موفق ي كيونتي ق1
ووكي أحبك وقسسم ^--^ ق1

shibbicho 1890 days ago

:D glad to see you're supporting kyu oppa <3

Yorrimin 1890 days ago

owww oppa can you give me this , i love it wookie x3