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@DamonLindelof this exists around the city.

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2033 days ago

this exists around the city.


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junior_costa 1609 days ago

We need to go back now, NOW!! haha

teacher316 2026 days ago


O.K...again I something never done before in the history of television. bring back a show that was so successful and had such a huge fanbase that it would be wrong not to bring it back for maybe just one season. You make an announcement

GeminiSarahAnne 2028 days ago

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mr DamonLindelof BRING BACK LOST IN SOME WAY. Thank you for the best TV I have ever watched.

GeminiSarahAnne 2028 days ago

I think the ending of Lost did not go with the previous storyline. I wish S45+6 could be put down as a dream and carried on from the Finale of S3.

GeminiSarahAnne 2028 days ago

I totally and utterly agree with this, someone needs to seriously bring it BACK.

chrisfosterfilm 2030 days ago

LOST is my favourite television show of all time. I absolutely love it. But I don't want it back.

teacher316 2031 days ago

Damon... exactly what user NeonSlime said..."the finale was just vincent dreaming." Bring back LOST!!! Just imagine the money that can be made and on top of that something never done before in the history of television. A series ends only to come back

SamuelRoblesJr 2031 days ago

Ha! That is awesome!

NeonSlime 2032 days ago

Cmon Damon you have left us with The Event and poor Elizabeth Mitchell is stuck with V pleeeeease!

eugebonifacino 2032 days ago

I want it back too!

Txarroalde 2032 days ago

I WANT IT BACK!!! I miss Locke, the great stories, etc, etc... :-(

moliverio 2033 days ago

hahaha where is this? read my mind..

NeonSlime 2033 days ago

The finale was just vincent dreaming bring it back please

KarensLostNotes 2033 days ago

DAMN, This is the truth! WE GOTTA GO BAAACK!!

sunchick8 2033 days ago


(Well, someone had to say it.)

LostFan0815 2033 days ago

Handsome reward offered!!!

WILSONplz 2033 days ago

YEAH! yoU NEED TO make it much more COMPLICATEd making it simple but not simpler. ☺

andresfmartinez 2033 days ago

You know you want to bring it back, Damon.

Spok_n_4 2033 days ago

It exists in my heart...I <3 Lost!