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Getting a lesson in @ replies here it goes..

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2274 days ago

Getting a lesson in @ replies here it goes..


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RedPleiades100 2144 days ago

Some things you have control over, like your swing. Some things are out of your hands like the flight and path of the ball. I love your game. Focus and be not distracted. Golf is a mind game played with earthly variables. God bless you.

MollySJacobson1 2161 days ago

Tiger Woods, you are just deeelish!

simplyvi_21 2222 days ago

Hi Tiger..wishing all the best for this year 2011. I'm always praying for you. I'm an avid fan of yours and Elin. Good luck...

LuSheann 2267 days ago

Tiger find balance ... you will find your game.
And always follow your bliss. Thinking of you, Giorgio

jabrookal 2269 days ago

No 1 fan from Australia. Was so disappointed you didn't win today. Getting closer though and improving!

jabrookal 2270 days ago

Saw you at JB Were. So honoured to see you play golf. Will you play there next year? Need a photo with you!

SATachick 2271 days ago

You lounge around your house in full golf attire? Don't get mac and cheese on that shirt!

Jmjsw 2271 days ago

Lee Westwood enjoy while you can wont be for long coz Tiger is back

pkmalaker 2272 days ago

tiger is always the tiger. show the world that you can do it again.

gems4hope 2272 days ago

... also meant to tell U that U inspired me to start this project: www.gems4hope.com Not on a large scale as U - but a beginning.

gems4hope 2272 days ago

... it is great to be able to communicate with you this way! :)

gems4hope 2272 days ago

No matter what people say - U r still my favorite athlete :)

tiger8706 2272 days ago

Way to go big guy, bring back what we all love to see from you!!!! Twirl that club all weekend long baby!!!!!

Eg0nz63 2272 days ago

Fabulous round today Tiger, you really looked loose and relaxed. Like that new putter !

ChadSlagter 2272 days ago

great day today tiger! a couple putts go your way and you break the course record....again

Reyes098 2272 days ago

Excellent round Tigre!(Spanish for Tiger), What ever you've been doing with Sean Foley, keep going at it!. Today it seemed you were more comfortable with your swing, also your I do love your new Putter. Hope you knock in those Eagles/Birdies in the rest o

snickerszn 2272 days ago

Thanks for playing today on Television have been going through withdrwall.

travizoid 2272 days ago

Tiger you are still the best this game has ever seen... Looking forward to watching you take some more majors in the new year.... Your best is still to come