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Drinking my coffee in the last row at safeco. You have to know somebody to sit this far back

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2868 days ago

Drinking my coffee in the last row at safeco. You have to know somebody to sit this far back


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2muffingirls 2825 days ago

i'm from Brazil, and always want to drink coffee make by starbucks.... :(

uthmanbaksh 2831 days ago

They have a Starbucks in Safeco now? I wonder if there is one in Citi Field. That would be real sweet!

Nobrice 2866 days ago

Ichiro returns to help beat Angels 11-3

lauerbess 2867 days ago


imsickofvanity 2867 days ago

This is an amazing picture.

Nobrice 2867 days ago

The Mariners beat the Angels 3-2 at Safeco Field

ouran 2868 days ago

I NEED starbucks Hot Chocolate xD like now.

anesio 2868 days ago

that'll be me when the padres come =]

julioar 2868 days ago

Nice shot!!!

julioar 2868 days ago

Nice shot!!!

simplycharlie 2868 days ago

I'll be in Seattle in about 2 weeks! Hoping to catch a game at SafeCo! And of course, I'll be snapping some pics in front of the Starbucks HQ this time around!

sinisterspackle 2868 days ago

Oh Wow do I miss baseball games! New Mexico doesn't have an official Major League team. We've got minor league though.

5umm3rb 2868 days ago

C O F F E E , I need coffee...

utahdinersguide 2868 days ago

I wish I could be there to watch the Angels spank the Mariners...

kimsamie 2868 days ago

awesooooommmeee. i can't wait to go to my first baseball game of the season.

properdisdain 2868 days ago

JFC I havent had a Starbucks in well over a week.

kimschiller 2868 days ago

Starbucks is the king of coffee! We do have one Starbucks in Denmark, but about 300km's away from me. Sucks.

isabelprato 2868 days ago

omg i miss starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!

maribirkelund 2868 days ago

there's no starbucks in norway! haven't been there since last summer. miss your coffee :(

bloody_fenix 2868 days ago

OHHHHH yeah!!!! I need me some cofFEE!!!!!!!