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imiccaa 1247 days ago

AnabelCaballer0 1311 days ago

Really i miss you :/ Happy New Year 2012!

jonaslenas 1344 days ago

JoeSexyJonas 1429 days ago

love them!

1skyscraper820 1429 days ago

i miss it ):

JonasticsOfBR 1435 days ago

haha love you!

fansbrjonas 1594 days ago

Haha, awesome! Love you, guys <3

1Dhopeless_feve 1658 days ago


itsjb_mc_freakk 1679 days ago

Huh? LOL @ the tags. 'Cute, cool, computers, hot, sexy, macbook, close , canada, fierce, mexico.'

SelLuisiDemiJB 1700 days ago

ya all rock

mapaulaj 1702 days ago

And... the last comment of this pic was 20 days ago. (:

betsjonato 1722 days ago


luisidd 1731 days ago


LemonveeJonas 1735 days ago

I.LOVE.YOU <3 :)

luisidd 1745 days ago

you rock

ithinkforoohz 1785 days ago


lorenachagass 1823 days ago

joeee, keeeevvvv <3

WeLoveJoBros_ 1845 days ago

Olha a cara do Joe haha! O Kevin ainda era fraquinho nessa época...mas agora, OMG!

paezZoniapp 1868 days ago

that picture is two days before my brithday yeahh!!! :D april 16

jaymill25 1881 days ago

you are all amazing(: