Soldier of Light

The premiere ended well!!  All thanks to your amazing support and love! Thank you all!!

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2005 days ago

The premiere ended well!! All thanks to your amazing support and love! Thank you all!!


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Ariel527 1874 days ago

Siwon oppa,I Love U!

andrekuran 1934 days ago

esta hermosisimo :)

SherryLSH 1971 days ago


THAIELFLOVESJ 1976 days ago

ThaiElf Love U oppa...

Godbless407 1979 days ago

始源,Siwon,,,I'm your Chinese fans, in China is so difficult to visit Twitter.Could you follow me?Plese,plese,plese.plese~~God bless everyone!

heejae357757 1981 days ago

Yo!, that is my signiture mark from now.
i wish i can send u flowers :P

kpopkoRen 1984 days ago

It's really nice ^ ^ .. = $

dat_apophis 1988 days ago

có phải tháng 4 mấy anh tới Việt Nam phải không.....thật là hạnh phúc khi nghe đồn như vậy....nhưn buồn thật....chắc hôm đó sễ đi không được rồi......chúng em ở xa Hồ Chí Minh mà....T.T.......thật đáng buồn cho mấy anh là thiếu 1 elf như em......huhuhuhuh

Iam_Anoud 1995 days ago

i wanet rely feel in your happy but i can not (iam sorry)

Miu_Wonnie 1997 days ago

qa' hot :))

ajacesca 1999 days ago

good luck siwon-ssi!

AkaiBara1991 2000 days ago

oppa fighting...

THAIGIRLx 2000 days ago

wuhuu Thailang flagg!!^__^
Congratulations ;D

mohammad20101 2000 days ago

Tina021897 2001 days ago

Congrats! I hope Athena will be very sucessful oppa^^
Good luck with all the activities you will do<3

yijia_huang 2003 days ago

We are the world.Be friendly!

Sweetmerita 2003 days ago

Good Luck with Athena. I hope that Athinas will be as good as Iris.

AleTeukie 2003 days ago

Congratulations you're the best ^ ^
you deserve that and more
Peru's fans love you ^ ^
Good luck in everything you do and everything you make Super Junior

tangmonch 2003 days ago

Thailand flag! happy happyyy XD

hasky2010 2003 days ago