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Can you guess who is Cheng Cheng and who is Long Long?

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1401 days ago

Can you guess who is Cheng Cheng and who is Long Long?


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cyface416735 1030 days ago

d*^O^*b 성룡따거님~. 중국팬더들 너무 귀여워요~!
d*^O^*b 成龙大哥~. 中国熊猫当真可爱啊~!

sherilynn123 1036 days ago

They look likesextublets to me:):):)

cheerbear12 1102 days ago

cute pandas

villas_tuscany 1125 days ago

i'm like the panda
By Villa Tuscany 2012

EyeOfDagmar 1177 days ago

Those were wonderful days when Jackie wrote diaries with all these amazing photos!

EyeOfGedis 1178 days ago

Nice :)

ThijsSouffriau 1192 days ago


with_young 1193 days ago

sorry... so cute..♥

with_young 1193 days ago

China has outraged patriotic Koreans by registering the folk song "Arirang," widely considered Korea's unofficial national anthem, as part of its own cultural heritage.

anjaanchy 1213 days ago

I loooove pandas! Can't wait this summer to go to Beijing and seeeee them. <3

elaini_mor 1274 days ago

Que fofos !!!

DaRealAlmondJoy 1279 days ago

I cant tell???

PARKOUR_JUNCKY 1298 days ago


yeonbum0321 1321 days ago

Jackie chan! I'm korean I love you! 성룡사랑해요 I love Jackie chan! I saw many your movies!
30 My favorite movie is 'project A'! Please come korea!

linkcestmpreg 1341 days ago


olegapostol 1363 days ago


C_polumpai 1374 days ago

I don't know. it looks all the same. I can't guess:)

RakyAlice 1382 days ago

They are so sweet ^^ haha

olegapostol 1398 days ago

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ! Jackie , i made for you vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EyeOfPritha 1398 days ago

the real pandas are so cute!