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Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

Coolest cake I've ever seen!Alaska salmon & forget-me-nots, plus Kansas sunflowers!Thank u Dillons!

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2276 days ago

Coolest cake I've ever seen!Alaska salmon & forget-me-nots, plus Kansas sunflowers!Thank u Dillons!


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KurtHRocha 1990 days ago

Too bad it didn't say "Welcome Vice President Palin!" Only if Americans were smarter...

xfreeyomind 2213 days ago

that looks so good lol

SaintSarahP 2275 days ago

And most of you baggers would gobble up Queen Sarah's toilet droppings.

SaintSarahP 2275 days ago

A flag salmon, really? Puke. SP must have had a big greasy shit after eating a piece of that.

6463kh 2275 days ago

that's an awesome cake! very colourful

NCoulter 2276 days ago

So glad you went to Andover, Governor! Even though I'm disappointed I don't live there anymore :(

kylajo 2276 days ago

It was great to meet you today!!!! Glad you liked the cake!

Stewman1965 2276 days ago

Very cool cake....

AusPolitico 2276 days ago

Wow that cake looks awesome, well done!!!

larryoralls 2276 days ago

Great job by the Dillons. Both patriotic and homey.

Americanvln1 2276 days ago

Wow! Cake maker has talent. A very nice way to make an American hero feel special. Very nice. :)

lmdarr 2276 days ago

Where is the Salmon? Is it the cat with one eye?

incognito_D 2276 days ago

Save your hateful comments, moonbats. Sarah doesn't give a shit what you think. Works for me.

TwiMommie 2276 days ago

Exactly! Thank you for bringing some intelligence to the comments. =]

TwiMommie 2276 days ago

So she is still referred to as Governor..past Presidents are still referred to as such. So what?

64Whiskey 2276 days ago

They retain their title in recognition of holding a public office because they've become a part of historical record.

KASSOUFMaria 2276 days ago


samontie 2276 days ago

Right- it should definitely say semi- or X Gov.- she never was really governor just playing at it

MississippiMama 2276 days ago

Ha. and don't know elected ppl carry title forever. So dumb!

anniepicky 2276 days ago

Maybe should read "Welcome Semi-Gov. Palin" since you retired and never served your full term.