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Halp. :c

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2159 days ago

Halp. :c


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LOLYOSUP 2151 days ago


RinDasuto 2151 days ago

Not trolling. BUT MY POINT IS. If he didn't care, he'd 'a been unfollowed 'im and not even clicked this link. Am I not correct?

AbeVHelsing_ 2151 days ago

lemme translate that

AbeVHelsing_ 2151 days ago

im not a troll #ItsAFact

WolfScarIII 2151 days ago


AQWNaTra 2151 days ago

OBV trollers

xKaize 2151 days ago

Agreed with .

RinDasuto 2151 days ago

Can we PLEASE resort to common english when arguing...I don't want to need a translator to read my daily fill of twatter dramas....Thanks.

AbeVHelsing_ 2151 days ago


Toast787 2151 days ago

Obv is obv being overused by Abe

xKaize 2156 days ago

Will be renewing, for those of you that care.