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I am a comic and a feral cat wrangler and a writer and the host of WTF with Marc Maron the podcast.

Is this shirt too girly?

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2158 days ago

Is this shirt too girly?


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kkildow 2157 days ago

two words: ye. s.

laurabuchholz 2158 days ago

There might be something girly about the neckline. And the length of the sleeves. Risk/reward.

bunnyninjin 2158 days ago

Nah, it seems fairly accurate. An average cat lady is generally not a dude. (Generally.)

doug_dyer 2158 days ago

Not with the proper accessories. Like maybe a naked woman on your face.

nickydeenm 2158 days ago

No. Only if you're able to keep that manly scowl going for every single moment you're wearing it.

Flatulator 2158 days ago

Is that a Shark vacuum? Are those infomercials always on?

meladiction 2158 days ago

No. On you it's absolutely purrrfect. Meow.

jmazz 2158 days ago

No, it looks great. Tell us though, when is your "Hoarders" episode airing?

stevehainesintx 2158 days ago

HAHA! And Thanks, Marc for doing your wtf podcast. I find it funny and life improving.....POW!

lmk001 2158 days ago

Lol. True

jhenrikpersson 2158 days ago

if we can see your belly button, it is.

cwjdog57 2158 days ago

Nope, it's actually very funny.

Markho23 2158 days ago

Not if you're holding a gun.