Olly von Steiff


ello, im olly. im a likkle bear hoo is egsyted too mayk furends nd chats on twittah. i helps wif #caykclub nd enjoys #keepfits.

cayks fur all :) @MrTibbsatAP @Kolo_Martin @ShaynaCat @marshallsheldon @puppy_love_pets @GunnerRB55 @spencerteddy


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Kolo_Martin 2011 days ago

Real cause to eat cake and celebrate another great Arsena win!

ShaynaCat 2012 days ago

Some of that Battenberg, please, Olly - looks very nommie!! :-)

pasikas 2012 days ago


bijntje 2012 days ago

Congratulations with your team winning Hugs

Diersch271 2018 days ago

hooligan mavens Hi take a look at Look013.com

JerryNovelli 2019 days ago

AWESOME you are so cool ^^ !! =) hugs to my bff

OllyTed 2057 days ago

oh yes i doo dress in my arsenal kit wen i wotch th gaym wif my hoomun

tweetypie54 2058 days ago

U R very kind 2 think of every1 Olly

tweetypie54 2058 days ago

OH U always has da best treats Olly & a new Hat kewl xoxo

OllyTed 2065 days ago

i fink ebearywun deserves cayks nd treets aftah arsenal win agenst beary gud villa todey

JerryNovelli 2065 days ago

love this pic <3 ^^

ShaynaCat 2065 days ago

Think the team deserve a few of these tonight, as well :-)

MadSciKat 2065 days ago


OllyTed 2065 days ago