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ice skating at westfield with Stu and Carly

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1404 days ago

ice skating at westfield with Stu and Carly


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leannebarrowman 1286 days ago

although tha ice is cold ur look so hot in tha pic gt butterflies every time i se a pic of u xx

momo_uli 1402 days ago

Great photo. You three look very great, and hopefully you had fun at the ice skating :)

torchwoodjbfan 1403 days ago

you all look cool jb!!!!!!!!!!!

LeanneBVB 1403 days ago

never skated in my life! Looks fun x

MrsFeisty 1403 days ago

The last time i went ice skating, i fell and sprained my wrist!

JillyBrum 1403 days ago

The last time i went ice skatng was in the Carrribean. Bottom deck of a cruise ship.

SmileToYourFace 1404 days ago

I've never been on the ice in my life! :( Have extra fun for me!!

darrowbythirsk 1404 days ago

Looks like fun. I've never ice skated.

THE_DOCT0R 1404 days ago


theultimatetv 1404 days ago

Looks like you're having fun but why does Stu have on a tie?

sillypurpleeyes 1404 days ago

Cool! You look really n-ice!

NyankoMom 1404 days ago

Awwww So Great group !! love the Shirts :D the shirts, You really looks good ! Happy skating John. ♪

yumirovskaya 1404 days ago

Beautiful smiles! I love ice skating although I'm never good at it xD

sol3angel 1404 days ago

It looks like you were having a great time. I don't need to go to the ice rink - just step outta my door

Wardys 1404 days ago

I live in Westfield :)

katherinekit 1404 days ago

Beautiful group...looks like great fun for all! Happy skating

everabebe 1404 days ago


acurrier92161 1404 days ago

Looks like you're a having a great time.

st3rn1 1404 days ago

nice! i like ice skating,too. i saw some clips from dancing on ice with you, was great&funny ^^

phantomsgyrl 1404 days ago

You look like you were having a ball. :)