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2173 days ago


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unojo08 2172 days ago

ouch....that had to hurt coming out....

mucylill 2173 days ago

What on earth is that?! Do you have different meaning to the word bacon to us people from England?

Yoko_Eury 2173 days ago


alohilana 2173 days ago

I think it looks kind of fantastic, in a cholesterol-laden sort of way.
Blame it on the southern girl in me. =)

evelynmp 2173 days ago

haha nice! i remember seeing that on www.thisiswhyyourefat.com

AMEFACE 2173 days ago

oopes, i meeeean, *man*

AMEFACE 2173 days ago

eww. sorry girl, this looks nastyyyy

KaySaff 2173 days ago

bahahaha shut up. I thought about making this for my boyfriend as a joke...is it even any good? I'm sooooo skeptical.

lilygirlland 2173 days ago

my cholesterol jumped up 50 points just by looking at this!

Jeb_Hoge 2173 days ago

What is THAT? The cut up pieces look almost like turducken.

steffBRADLEY 2173 days ago

MMMMM that looks so amazing compared to the frozen chicken i just put in the oven!