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rYeUnTeUkEy 1489 days ago

좋은 장소, 난 내가 어디에 있는지 알고 있다면 내가 거기 갈 수 있습니다 희망...

somaa99 1491 days ago

Wow .. I want to be in this place

wookiemylove 1495 days ago

where is this place, oppa

tin_wookSJelf 1498 days ago

난 이곳이 긴장하게 확실 해요

KyuJia 1507 days ago

oppa~ saranghae ~~ ^^

com763159 1516 days ago


mohammad20101 1516 days ago

ftlouis 1517 days ago

in Japan right? It's coldddddd

gladyshfly3424 1517 days ago

Ohh~ it's so nice... ^^ #ELFIndonesia hope Suju come to our country...

tanisud 1519 days ago

nothing compares to the divine creation .. and it works best to relax..n_n

devinaChan 1519 days ago

KRY fighthing ^^

MYSmile00 1520 days ago

انا خليني اجي كوريا.

ryenobu 1520 days ago

May you succeed tomorrow too.!(^^)! I’ll joining the SS3 in Japan.♫Please eat a nice Japanese food.❤♡♥☆

dolfnlovr5186 1520 days ago

Gorgeous view Wookie!

ryenobu 1520 days ago

Good morning ☀I’m cheering for Ryeowook in Tokyo.(*^_^*) I would like to listen to live of KRY.♫❤♡♥♪!!

shobedudski 1521 days ago

wow.. this view is incredible.. i want to relax there... :)) hope you are enjoying.. :)

Lilichan9 1521 days ago

Seems cold but beautiful. Hope you enjoyed.

ryenobu 1521 days ago

Will you come to Japan today?(^o^)丿Please take care of Ryeowook,When you’ll come there.Have a nice day❤

jaeeun1217 1521 days ago

nice view!

nuliaw 1522 days ago

Where is it? That is a peaceful place~