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LeBron had this logo on his shirt for Matt Lauer Intv tonight. Is this his new logo?

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2010 days ago

LeBron had this logo on his shirt for Matt Lauer Intv tonight. Is this his new logo?


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pokergob 2008 days ago

I think the logo is cool. He has a Nike deal and the haters don't (full stop).

1zz 2009 days ago

good fa lebron...

Jay_1970 2009 days ago

Don't hate people. Elvis called himself the king and no one seemed to mine. Its just a NAME.

arthur890 2009 days ago

Its so many player Haters, If it where You what would be said, Let the man live his dreams and go dream yours.

metime4kh 2009 days ago

The real King (GOD) NEVER LEFT Cleveland Ohio and never will forsake us!

metime4kh 2009 days ago

Oh Boy the logo does appear to be pepresenting him LJ with the crown on top. B

revodmas 2009 days ago

umm. can he spell JL would be backwards. LJ is correct u fag, some king u r. ur following just got smaller just like ur game. Crown that retard

MDjoint82 2009 days ago

That logo is some ish..but I like Lebron

Rahno_the_great 2009 days ago

The King shall rise!!..LJ

da_gecko 2009 days ago

LeBron who??? sounds like a big ego "calling yourself a king" really dude "OH IM A KING??? then what does that make Kobey a demi god???

fgman2010 2009 days ago

so what, y is everyone making a big deal about this, sounds likes jealously to me.

fourseezen 2009 days ago

Looks like heatmom needs to learn how to spell. Doesn't surprise me she thinks he deserves 'eb=very' thing he has worked for. Roll eyes here.

heatmom 2009 days ago

Eat your haert out.... let the king thrive, he works hard and deserves eb=very moment of it.

jpw22271 2009 days ago

i.can't beleave that this country is going to hell, and anyone that buys into this shit is just as sick......i wouln't give this jerk one min. of air time, sure hes good at what he does, but just like the rest he's overpaid and over exposed, its sad beca

Cmak10 2009 days ago


darrenrovell 2010 days ago

Nike has just confirmed to me that this is his new logo.

hadleynj 2010 days ago

Looks like Hartford Whalers logo.