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rachelhavanna 2111 days ago


lilyputt 2288 days ago

Looks like a very happy Daddy's Baby. Just speakin from experience. Keep her that way!

dadivanana 2292 days ago

aww she look too adorable

_OuToFcOntRoL 2294 days ago

awWwW.... sHes almost as cute as my baby girll!!! LoL... sHes gorgeousss mann!!

NikkiDaNytemare 2295 days ago

sorry i meant Karma

NikkiDaNytemare 2295 days ago

is that krama??? she's adorable!!!

lady09 2296 days ago

She's adorable.

KRokD 2296 days ago

She is so precious! :) I love it!!

LuckE26 2296 days ago

she 2 pretty

Ms_Nine 2297 days ago

WOW...she is too cute!

olivetheatre 2297 days ago

I heard that a girls 1st love is her father and it shows here in this pic by the way she's looking at you. Keep up the good work!!!!

cocolegs 2297 days ago

Wow.........did u give birth to her yourself???

prncsskid 2297 days ago

she is precious; how old is she ? she was adorable in ya video "diamond in the back"

exptv 2297 days ago

soooo cute!!!!

msrollinondubz 2297 days ago

sup Luda.... yo daughter is beautiful... n Seattle fux witcha!!!

tcole0508 2297 days ago

She is starting her radio career off early, following in her fathers footsteps

shamara83 2297 days ago

she's not shy neither! thats great!

Malzi 2297 days ago

LIL LUDA!!!! lol

She_SoPrissy 2297 days ago

TOO C U T E!!!!!

Ms_Frye 2297 days ago

now that is great! she looks like a natural...wonder where that came :)