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2577 days ago


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dadivanana 2572 days ago


shamara83 2577 days ago

fuck it! stay forever! u know miami loves luda!

mssugarcookie 2577 days ago

They sky looks mellow ...not too sunny, not too cloudy. I consider it to be lovely! Florida always got flip-flop weather.

dmfkz 2577 days ago

I lOve my CITY!!!!!

StylishFaith 2577 days ago

Beautiful! LA isn't looking to good right now comepared to this!

ctwrenn 2577 days ago

Weather looks nicer then here in Da D Motown that is

raezmadre 2577 days ago

its beautiful in NorCal

Soulsistah35 2577 days ago

Must be have some work I can do??...I'm available :)

DeeDarling 2577 days ago

this reminds me of home

smirks_n_daps 2577 days ago

maaaaaaan. thats where i need to be RIGHT NOW! wit a j. That view is a blessing. Something bout southern sunshine feels like being kissed in all the right spots at the same time. ENJOY THAT. ITS cold up NOrth.

ikeepsitmovin 2577 days ago

Yep! Stay with us and enjoy :)

mystrosink 2577 days ago

WOOOOOW!!!! Never been...Going this year tho!!

wynell305 2577 days ago

That`s my city !

meloxs 2577 days ago

Can u @ least send my ticket so I can spend da rest of da day/night with you in Fl?

meloxs 2577 days ago

Can u @ least send my ticket so I can spend da rest of da day with you in Fl?

Kitttz 2577 days ago

looks like u live in the jungle of MB. LOL

thequeensway 2577 days ago

Looks Beautiful...

nickrrrad 2577 days ago

damn, i miss miami.

BKGemini 2577 days ago

I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!! I only wish Icould look out the window and see that. All I see is clouds, grey skies and TRAFFIC

MSANDREA2011 2577 days ago

you should have been here on Friday night it was really bad!! And I moved from Cali what a culture shock to me!!!