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Yay. Beautiful. Meringue will be added tomorrow. Mwah, j

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2042 days ago

Yay. Beautiful. Meringue will be added tomorrow. Mwah, j


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eaglewhnsheflys 2041 days ago

That looks great. I used your recipe & made 1 for everyone yesterday & we all loved it. Thanks.

Dmmac 2041 days ago

Looks like it turned out...Am sure it will be very Tasty!

eaturveggies 2041 days ago

Looks fantastic! And what a beautiful pie plate!

leiutenent 2041 days ago

Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving

Terriplant 2042 days ago

That looks so good....I love meringue! My grandma used to make homemade lemon meringue pie! Yum!

gar102 2042 days ago

I love the pan but chocolate needs to be on top!

LoveOnTheInside 2042 days ago

Mmmm, that looks so delish! And that pie plate is so cute! So when should I be over with the cheesecake lol?

dazzle327 2042 days ago

And...that pie tin really cute.

dazzle327 2042 days ago

Nevermind the fact that I love your music...this is why I want to meet you now.

Cindygal1 2042 days ago

No, no, no! It looks so yummy! Don't ruin it with meringue! Whipped cream is so much better! :)

HeyJasFace 2042 days ago


sugarlandaholic 2042 days ago

I love it, southerner's put meringue on everthing. My son used to call it that "foamy stuff"

haleystaples 2042 days ago

looks amazing!! i love the idea about the bourbon ....

sonasez 2042 days ago

Never liked the meringe so i opt 4 fresh whipped cream. Hey Jen, luved ur n kristian's performance @ CNN heroes sat. Happy T Day.

rosemary24 2042 days ago

wanna come to my house and bring that delicous looking pie Jennifer? It looks so yummy!

Spctrm72 2042 days ago

Came out GREAT!!! Last yr I tried store bought sw pot pie for the1st time. I thought it would taste more like pumpkin. I'm sure there was no bourbon, spices, or meringue. I should try homemade. <3

joseramonmarmtz 2042 days ago

Nice Merengue!!!

aangel777 2042 days ago

I've never had meringue on anything but lemon pie. I have led a sheltered pie life. :)

DFraz6 2042 days ago

Fantastic! Glad I got to see the end masterpiece and I'm not even through Chattanooga yet! Lol

karenbrunn 2042 days ago

Looks delicious! Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer! :)