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Don't mess with this guy he can go hard!

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2131 days ago

Don't mess with this guy he can go hard!


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F1MadHatter 2128 days ago

That's funny! =D

moxellex 2129 days ago

at least he's got one to show to the world ! soooooo cute :-D

mizzhelena 2130 days ago

takes after the master of course ;-)

Julian_Rain 2130 days ago

I guess we can no longer call a coward a chicken! What animal can we use now?!!

cryalonek 2130 days ago

Is he the "survivor" ? He is a cute little one, now I feel bad about loving Nando's :(

XpertProducts 2130 days ago

Looks a bit like Seb....!!

Formula1Dragon 2131 days ago

Looks like a she to me!!! Any way could be your lucky charm for next year?

Clubby_R8 2131 days ago

Thats it Mark, fatten him up and then you can show him your new oven in your new kitchen LOL

FRAGZIE 2131 days ago

Aaahhhh that's 'Tweet'...

PamOsburnef1 2131 days ago

Is that the poor fella that got in the scrap with your ridgeback?? Little toughie!! !!

GrandPrixDiary 2131 days ago

Ladies, uncensored picture of 's cock for you!

XFactor199RUS 2131 days ago

I agree with the comment under the photo! Just got in touch with from our own farm, ultimately cock for me was running around the barn)))

marinawings 2131 days ago

I do like keeping up with the story of this chicken! It's epic! :)

Kateafan 2131 days ago

Cockrell? My neighbours won't go for that, too loud!

kaddyalonso 2131 days ago

sooo cute!!!!!

bausteelle 2131 days ago


sweetdolll 2131 days ago

huhauahuaa =)

stereophilic 2131 days ago

That's no cock!

nigelpwsmith 2131 days ago

Simba betta watch out then.

guitarmonkeyfan 2131 days ago

One very lucky chook!