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I just informed DB that they are remaking Buffy.

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1904 days ago

I just informed DB that they are remaking Buffy.


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DearnaMay 1783 days ago

There'll never be an Angel like him, no harm done. (;

Musical_Bear 1804 days ago


IngridFrutuosoo 1858 days ago

so cute! love you booth :(

katykay71 1862 days ago

Adorable pic! Don't worry DB noone could EVER replace you and SMG! Happy New Year! :)

StLouisMan2 1890 days ago

Well, Angel had his own show after Spike replaced him; then he got cured and became an FBI agent. Doing well, he is.

xTaylorrrx 1897 days ago

He's so cute! haha

SAHeide 1902 days ago

Am I being blonde or is David/Booth wearing a different belt buckle?

joannatamasm 1902 days ago


nikkichic 1903 days ago

I felt the same. Makes me sad.

sandy__s 1903 days ago

Exactly my reaction...

JeeA_Lee 1903 days ago


rikamae10 1903 days ago

I didnt like BtVS. I still watch Angel. David is sexy and Angel is the best vamp. rl vamps dnt sparkle

nomis1312 1903 days ago

What about Angel the movie ? with no other then David of course! ( sorry but angel was better then buffy)

pisquenta 1903 days ago

this remake is going to suck

DontcallmeKeys 1903 days ago

Looking good the 2 of you x tell DB not to panic, he's the original, the best xx Lots of Love xxx

MrsJoWinchester 1903 days ago

Tell him, I love him forever, he is my number one vampire! Fuck that stupid Twilight! I LOVE U DAVID!!!! <3

shuujis 1903 days ago

Ahahahah :D

cmcandela 1904 days ago

Aw. poor Angel! Tell David he's irreplaceable. :)

JC_Unplugged 1904 days ago

I got the same reaction! I don't blame him for the sad face!! the vampire slayer without Joss, and the entire cast just isn't Buffy...

iTweetCastle 1904 days ago