Kim Zolciak


Lucky mother of 2 angels Brielle and Ariana (and one on the way!!), Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Tardy for the Party ALWAYS :)

We are happy and excited to announce that Yes we are expecting. :)

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2253 days ago

We are happy and excited to announce that Yes we are expecting. :)


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classyasia 2252 days ago

not sing to the baby

BravoDirector 2252 days ago

Sick !

CelinaNicole215 2252 days ago

Congratulations Kimmy... I'm happy for you. Get that money hunny!! Lol

tiptoingtwitr 2252 days ago

wonderful news for you.. all of God's blessing to you & yours from Upstate NY

YouNork 2252 days ago

Kim, is this the same guy that was on the show in the dance scene that had the tight butt u loved?

i_am_pro 2252 days ago

Ayana Brown is the RWM (REAL Wig Maker) look and see

MrsSRBC2009 2253 days ago

Yaay kim the physic you was going to was right

Pink_Spandex 2253 days ago

MMhmm.. Me, nor Andy was buying that mess last nite!! I knew you were pregnant!

MiamiWes 2253 days ago

Wow!!! I hope you plan to get married...I hope you stopped smoking and drinking too...

Missdeebabii 2253 days ago

Yayyy kim I'm happy for you...I hope all is well and things work out for you and ur family and ur new edition....

MsDeeVaB 2253 days ago

i just knew she was going to sleep with him.... Kim is a fast one... lol

Marietta_Gator 2253 days ago

This is not a surprise. This hooker has been looking for a bank account since Big Poppa went up!

Freddie1000 2253 days ago

Kim that is exciting news, I am so happy for you. Congradulations

bitchiemclovin 2253 days ago

yay Kim!!!!!

GFXKIING 2253 days ago

Seriously & get a life, shut the hell up & keep the negativity to yourself

gismom 2253 days ago

Oh my God what a blessing. Congrats!

iwannagotoitaly 2253 days ago

please shut the fuck up.

bella21106 2253 days ago

y did u lie las nite on wwhl??? SMH..u full of shit~~

Idragflops 2253 days ago

u had ur keep a nigga baby congrats! no more sucking dick to keep those lights on!

iwannagotoitaly 2253 days ago

Omg I freaking knew you were pregnant. My sis owes me $20 :)