Soldier of Light

또한 수익금의 50%는 기부가 된다고 합니다! 많은사랑과 관심 부탁드리겠습니다! :D

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1741 days ago

또한 수익금의 50%는 기부가 된다고 합니다! 많은사랑과 관심 부탁드리겠습니다! :D


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Jungselfish 1694 days ago

시원오빠 트윗에 착수하기엔 언어적으로 많은문제가있네요...........

DEDElloovvee 1701 days ago

What is Iaxion want to Nara and your beautiful face for a long time did not Nara photos> <
لبى شيون وايون هيوك بعدي والله

YJO3Y 1703 days ago

JAeson Ma

Godbless407 1707 days ago

始源,Siwon,,,I'm your Chinese fans, in China is so difficult to visit Twitter.Could you follow me?Plese,plese,plese.plese~~God bless everyone!

NurulJahidah 1709 days ago


zikoOo111 1720 days ago

سيون وينك من زمان مانزلت صور لفيسك الجميل

mohammad20101 1728 days ago

MYSmile00 1732 days ago

مين دا

alqamarah 1734 days ago

مو كانه مكثر من هالصور ._.

trekkiehsu 1734 days ago , select video and choose Country: Taiwan,Genre:no,Tags:no,Sort:Liked,6th from left is me! plz vote me!

favyumeitha0507 1735 days ago

Siwon pls watch n vote I.N.Y MBC Audition
Thx. Go to church ok^^

Tikkkee 1735 days ago

Siwon xi, in order to be here, I've been working on it the whole night...finally make it....hah...

Sacred_VIP 1735 days ago

I drew Super Junior's picture...Please look at this...

LeeMiryeon 1736 days ago

oppa , do you miss hankyung oppa ? do you belive in god ? do you believe in SJ13's reunion why you're heechul oppa's grand-son ?

WendyHo28 1737 days ago

All the best to Jaeson ! And let there be peace in Korea !!! Hi Siwon, please say you guys will do second show SS3 in Singapore...many fans could not get the tickets ! Fighting :)

su_chi_yu 1737 days ago

su_chi_yu 1737 days ago

Dear Siwon!

I love this song
Thanks him to use the singing sound to pay the love
Thank you(Siwno) also for sharing

Do not want war,I hope you safe
Yesterday, I met satyr shop, and finally a smooth escape
I'm learning you teach self defense


world_of_magic 1738 days ago

We really miss you

Please put a new picture for you

Fighting oppa

I love you = أحبك

from : ksa

etokte 1738 days ago

وش ذا يا شيون نبي وجهك

tanisud 1738 days ago

el pueblo peruano orara por la paz