Jose Canseco


Stand & fight for the truth. Don't let any person or group of people take advantage of you. Fight the liars & hypocrites. Good & honest people suffer too much.

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2164 days ago


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MRamosDC 1806 days ago

Ummm...HELLO! ;)

ccema68 2157 days ago

And also she didn't cause a big revolution here on tweeter some one so famous should've have more than 5 comments.

ccema68 2157 days ago

Sorry Jose I just said she needs to have her boobs replaced I can see the bag hanging. don't post a pic and then get offended if people place a comment.
Btw I'm far from being ugly dear you need to wear glasses I see.

bramin4 2157 days ago

DAMN !!!! gotta give u props Jose !!! she's HOT !!!!

hammerhead0509 2157 days ago's their way of compensating man!ur right on that!

JoseCanseco 2157 days ago

its funny how the ugly people are the ones who have something bad to say haha

ccema68 2163 days ago

Is time to replace those boobs need a # of a great surgeon?

sandman2060829 2164 days ago

Tell my wife to get her clothes back on a come home!

aleman009 2164 days ago

que noviecĂ­ta te estas tirando Canseco!!!