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Winter comes to Moscow. Picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It's convenient, but the quality isn't great :-(

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1394 days ago

Winter comes to Moscow. Picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It's convenient, but the quality isn't great :-(


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eulerstalker 1326 days ago

Well, although the quality isn't great, but I'm sure this is good.

LightRedLady 1341 days ago

Nice pic)

Nikolay_Kaiser 1380 days ago

Обстановка так себе! ) Дмитрий, у нас в Царском Селе лучше! Приезжай!)

repeopled 1381 days ago

Light and shadow. Foreground and background. Stand in the inbetween. Dance in the middle. That's what I'd do.

YuriyL 1383 days ago

Мне нравится ваш взгляд на Россию ;) Красивая Русская Россия! ;) Увы, пока не все видят, но надеются :)

estechputer 1383 days ago

Hai Mr. president,nice to meet you,if you interest about good cameras ,may be you must be buy a NOKIA N8 this gadget has 12MpX camera (recomended) my be solve a problems,thank you

sunny_september 1385 days ago

In Poland lots of snow! You will by able to compare during your visit:) Glad you're comming!

KarenInVirginia 1387 days ago

The quality isn't bad at all...absolutely beautiful winter scene in Moscow.

Fwkas 1387 days ago

Mr. President, I would like to ask if is easy to use this device when we writing a text and want to copy and paste to In another text.and this device can use PDF files?

No1Etiquette 1388 days ago

If you sit in the Florida heat you enjoy looking at snow no matter what quality , thanks for sharing !

tanyapochuta 1392 days ago

Да...в последнее время зима поздновато да и не надолго нас посещает...:-(

djk314 1392 days ago

You should try to compare photos with an iPad :p

muzhiknyc 1392 days ago

Красивое фото. Нравится композиция.

AbuDayah 1392 days ago

جميل جداً.. الكاميرا ليست سيئة :)

Halin_Han 1392 days ago

Mr. President, personally I think the quality of the picture is good enough to show us the beautiful scenery of Moscow:D

PrimeBae 1392 days ago

Mr.President, Which quality did you mean between Galaxy Tab itself or Picture quality ?

trumanten 1392 days ago

Galaxy Tab or something else can not show beauty of Russia... You must buy better camera ;)

scullerymaid 1393 days ago

so you have sommething better in Russia ............. don't think so

lan19581 1393 days ago

lan19581 Читали ли Вы статью о судебном иске против Вас на

joey_raso 1393 days ago

beautiful! beli sneg :))