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The long awaited Jaeson Ma's new album, GLORY ! Finally Here :D!!

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1688 days ago

The long awaited Jaeson Ma's new album, GLORY ! Finally Here :D!!


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seashell_suju15 1642 days ago

i am crying,speechless and thunderstruck..thank u, i hope i will achieve my dreams,will u help me?

seashell_suju15 1642 days ago

amazing...AMAZINGLY AMAZING ....i am now feeling sorry that i just saw it....amazing, somewhat i am

SiwoNely 1648 days ago

Thanks Oppa... I like it..

Eri_nita 1676 days ago

I listened and I really liked

alicemccandice 1676 days ago

congrats Jaeson ma! Jesus love us.

alllynee 1679 days ago


trekkiehsu 1681 days ago select video and choose Country: Taiwan,Genre:no,Tags:no,Sort:Liked,6th from left is me! plz vote me!

sarsababy 1682 days ago

ah ah !

Sophieeander 1684 days ago

Please support Jaeson by entering this into your tweets!

#GLORYDEC7 I'm sure Siwon will appreciate it too! :)

gghgxc 1685 days ago


Anita1308 1685 days ago


tanisud 1685 days ago

thanks ... god bless you .... jesuschrist leave a great education in brief .. love your brother ..thanks

trekkiehsu 1685 days ago

lovecandy1730 1685 days ago


toroly 1685 days ago

:) .......

cassie3001 1686 days ago

the cover is cool~! Jaeson Ma's song named love is great~

cataShan 1686 days ago


TensHi_EmosHioN 1687 days ago


SJNikie 1687 days ago

Oh, now i can understand

chinkii_monster 1687 days ago

congratulations jaeson ma! God bless him. :D i love his song "Love". teach me korean one day, okay? (: