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People always ask me if I've gotten taller since the show started...

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1986 days ago

People always ask me if I've gotten taller since the show started...


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rikersbowtie 1416 days ago

yes, you did my dear.. :)

alannahTx3 1543 days ago

yeaah maybe :'D

carsonscolfer 1576 days ago

Yeah, I think you've gotten taller XD

SiiriKliimson 1600 days ago


AMONegriniFATO 1630 days ago


Love4Pop 1701 days ago

Hahahahahahha! Thats amazing!

ss2594 1705 days ago

God I'm not sure if she was wearing heels in the first pic but I'm so glad they got you all better stylist last season Amber is gorgeous so she shouldn't have to look like a 70's throw back.

GottaLuvJessieJ 1761 days ago

This is INCREDIBLE ORRR did Amber have heels on in the 1st pic? haha <33 xoxo

Chiaretta_key 1818 days ago

from sweet to sexy! loving u veeeeeeeery much ^^

FansGleeks 1820 days ago

Kurt + Mercedes/ Chris + Amber = *-------------------* S2

l_Brooke_l 1824 days ago

how do we know your not just wearing your gaga inspired heels? haha

LaughLovatox 1851 days ago

I want that Transformers T-shirt

justinfansbr 1853 days ago

omggg you are taller and sooo much cute :)

StarGleekPotter 1901 days ago

I think that you are quite tall, but because you have so many scenes with it makes you look smaller.

magickcolfer 1909 days ago

OMG, Adorable :) <3

petal4ever83 1916 days ago

I first lookat at the pics n was like "WOAH, u've gotten taller! =o "

GrandeBiebs 1925 days ago

OMG you've grown so adorably<3333

alycewarbler 1927 days ago

Know we know that you got taller :D! You are the most adorable person alive!

KlainertO4Ever 1934 days ago

definitely you are taller in the show <3

Woodhall18b 1937 days ago

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