Olly von Steiff


ello, im olly. im a likkle bear hoo is egsyted too mayk furends nd chats on twittah. i helps wif #caykclub nd enjoys #keepfits.

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new hogwarts moovee ~ olly pawter nd th cayks of nom! #pawpawty

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1371 days ago

new hogwarts moovee ~ olly pawter nd th cayks of nom! #pawpawty


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PepiSmartDog 1366 days ago

The Cayks of Nom !!! *scream* Ohhhh = it's U Olly !! LOVE Ur piccie !

ShaynaCat 1369 days ago

Gets my vote for movie of the year!! #pawpawty #CosmoIH4TH

OllyTed 1369 days ago

th harry pawter pawpawty wos sutch funs! i caym as a hufflepudd hehe

Fergusthedog 1371 days ago

This is pawesome Olly!!!! Can't wait to see the movie :)

OllyTed 1371 days ago

hehe chloe i doo furgets #pawpawty tag sumtymes too - lucky i had kno lynes in my olly pawter moovee!

OllyTed 1371 days ago

awww i beary glad yew lyke my likkle pawter movve pley pikjahs - its a beary fun theme #pawpawty

OllyTed 1371 days ago

i finks it will bee a grayt moovee nd i gets yew vip seets wif th potterettes hehe #pawpawty

flicka47 1371 days ago

Oh,Olly! I'll be first in line for the premiere! #pawpawty

BorisKitty 1371 days ago

OMC dis iz a pawsum moovie. when it comed out? #PawPawty #CosmoIH4TH

OllyTed 1371 days ago

i finks it fun too star in hogwarts moovee - olly pawter nd th cayks of nom hehe #pawpawty

OllyTed 1371 days ago

yew neffa seen pawter moovees brofur? well i th star nd umm yeah hehe #pawpawty

SeattleP 1371 days ago

Oh yes Can I have some cayks please #pawpawty #CosmoIH4TH

Spencerteddy 1371 days ago

hehe Olly, it will be a best Harry Potter film. #pawpawty

pasikas 1371 days ago

Fantasatic stuff Olly

OllyTed 1371 days ago

*giggles* them pawter moovee alweys haf fansy tytles.. cayks of nom! hehe #pawpawty

RettetKaninchen 1371 days ago

Cakes of nom - yeah! =D You don't need to bake them - just shake the magic wand! #pawpawty

OllyTed 1371 days ago

hehe doo yew lyke new hogwarts moovee? i finks it funni wun! #pawpawty

pasikas 1371 days ago