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Here's @BrentSpiner working on his game face. #spinerpacquio

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1904 days ago

Here's working on his game face. #spinerpacquio


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dundee6 1402 days ago

Kunta Kinte & Dada... looks great.

smiley_tom_stan 1900 days ago

Thought the universe would physically explode if you two ever were in the same place. Data's ALIVE!!!

DjLaurieB 1900 days ago

Just had to come back & look at this pic again-- really makes me smile & laugh a little out loud.

grenz 1901 days ago

Dammit, Geordi, stop deactivating Data's emotion chip!

DjLaurieB 1903 days ago

Hahahahaha!! OH--Sorry! Eek! I'm frightened! I'm very, very frightened! Really! (Hi Levar--Lovely smile!)

Chereliz 1903 days ago

Where's YOUR smile, ?

Chereliz 1903 days ago

I only see one smile in this photo.

Susi_S_ 1903 days ago


Jessman5 1903 days ago

the evil Brent.... uargh.

D_MetalKitty 1903 days ago

Levar looks good. Brent...you're scaring me. Good job!

coegie 1904 days ago

Uh oh - I do not want to get in a fight with the both of you! COOL PICTURE BTW

hyperlinkhobo 1904 days ago

these 2 are up to no good - you can just tell #jealous

Humanoide 1904 days ago

Looks like Levar is grabbing Brent inappropriately... Must be playing the TSA game.

sillypurpleeyes 1904 days ago

I'd gie up!

NtJohnMalkovich 1904 days ago

Could also be his Mafia kingpin face. Getting Joe Pesci in T-minus ...

RickSamuels 1904 days ago

I love to see you two still hanging out together. Next gen is still my favorite of all time!

ImMici 1904 days ago

You are fantastically. Manny will tremble

Fouinard 1904 days ago

Two great human being from the space continuum.

JL_Frost 1904 days ago

I'm pretty sure this is also the "good cop, bad cop" routine, as seen from the suspect's view.

dyphan 1904 days ago

This is like Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Brent us Lil' Mac