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Love it . Jb

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1588 days ago

Love it . Jb


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leannebarrowman 1464 days ago

oh u could come be my cuddle pudsey bear ne day

JudyArterton 1583 days ago

love it too :-)

katherinekit 1587 days ago

WOW! Am so jealous of UK. Good for you, all for a wonderful cause. Wish USA might follow suit!
Peace and happiness all

torchwood_mad16 1587 days ago

Love the suit and the microphone. :P Shexy

LeanneBVB 1587 days ago

Love the suit!!! and the guy in the suit!! BTW I don't mean Pudsey!!!!!! xxx

sam_joy 1587 days ago

Just catching up with highlights of CIN rocks Scotland! You were fab as always! x

ebineez01 1588 days ago

are there any words besides awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww? :)

suewho61 1588 days ago

you look dotty loving the suit x

Frizzstar 1588 days ago

Wonderful photo - love it X3 XXXX

madbottoms 1588 days ago

That's so cute! Love it.

xxTrumpetstarxx 1588 days ago

JB + Pudsey = A lot of money for children in need! Good on you both!

Christie_N83 1588 days ago

Aw, such a great pic of you and Pudsey! :)

sillypurpleeyes 1588 days ago

where does John begin and Pudsey end...LOL you look absolutely gorgeous John

JBarrowman_Fan 1588 days ago

Love it! You and Pudsey! <3 <3 <3

kuberater 1588 days ago

Love that suit. You and Pudsey together again. What a lot of good you bring to the world.

everabebe 1588 days ago

So cute together!!

beth_evers 1588 days ago

Aw! You and Pudsey~so cute! Wish we could see CiN in the US.

mrsjbarrowman2b 1588 days ago

love the muff on the end of the mike hun

izembard 1588 days ago

Two handsome hunks who make people's life better.xx

Richjr_37 1588 days ago

Awwww! Adorable.