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Time to play in the snow. Oh,  how I miss it.

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1989 days ago

Time to play in the snow. Oh, how I miss it.


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Jennie1901 1804 days ago

the snow is the be! i love snow

JeffMefferd45 1883 days ago

lol Elbert Park in Pocahontas boring to most of us, probably amazing to you now.

Woodlief390 1908 days ago

indebtedness Hi take a look at s w

Sarah31086 1908 days ago

I only like snow on the grass when it's white and sparklie. I hate the messy looking stuff we've been getting a lot of here in Ohio this winter.

Rebecca_DiasS 1918 days ago

how I wanted it snowed in Brazil would be pretty cool hahaha!

kternes 1965 days ago

North Dakota?? I'm from ND too!! =)

joola97 1970 days ago

For me it is enough that I can not leave the house :D

maryaliceblack 1972 days ago

Aww, me too! It's so funny :) I hope it snow soon here, xoxo

MalinLona 1974 days ago

I love the winter !♥♥

KII_GOT_YA_MAN 1974 days ago

call me and tell me what was going on

IANismyprince 1981 days ago

That is beautiful!

EricaWipperling 1982 days ago

hahah Elbert Park in town! :)

Ilona_Soltesz 1984 days ago

Wow! Beautiful! In the snow on a horse to ride ... This is great! Is not it?

CharliDenae 1985 days ago

I am not looking forward to snow... not yet!! ;o)

CharliDenae 1985 days ago

IL/WI border on Lake Michigan - Nov. 22 it was 54 degrees, Nov. 23 it is 27 degrees. I'm freezing!!

Ornella_ISF 1985 days ago

MY FAN ART ✰*. PAGE 1 ► ✰* PAGE 2 ► ✰* RT

Living4Robsten 1985 days ago


ClaraCoop 1985 days ago

i miss it too! snow & snowboarding :D

sheilaehn 1986 days ago

Hope you had a fun visit. YOU CAME TO MY MOM'S OFFICE WITH UR GRANDPA. SHE SAID YOU HAVE UR GRANDMA'S EYES. I grew up in the same church as your mom and grandparents. Kola and Kevin would love the snow!!!

maquelesaraiva 1986 days ago

That is beautiful *-*-*