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Here's a #CODBlackOps feature I bet you didn't know about - Load MP by Default! (In the MP Options menu)

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1749 days ago

Here's a #CODBlackOps feature I bet you didn't know about - Load MP by Default! (In the MP Options menu)


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joelittle12 1729 days ago

it doesnt work

REAGaming 1736 days ago

please just make CoD an Xbox exclusive! Then I won't have to buy a turd in a case every year :|

Killerkarma94 1736 days ago

It does not even work (for me anyway) so PS3 users don't get but hurt.

Winzow 1740 days ago

Awesome.... another xbox fuck you. Thanks Josh. Can you just make COD box exclusive already.

Pneumatic123 1741 days ago

We need this feature on PS3. Especially if it skips the annoyingly loud, seizure inducing opening.

community119 1743 days ago

PS3 people don't complain, it doesn't even work,resets your settings so it never loads MP automatically

AndiP4 1743 days ago

pls fix the ps3 version, the game freezes and shit. Check the ps3 forums for info.

Gargong 1744 days ago

next time you show us a nice little feature like this, make sure to tell us its xbox 360 only.

omgitsdefault 1744 days ago

Treyarch don't hate ps3 it just comes down to console hardware + software

zCharliee 1745 days ago

advertise a feature, that the ps3 fucking doesnt have. GOOD ONE

chrisshun 1745 days ago

Why does Treyarch favor the 360 over the PS3? Atleast IW treated both systems equally..

sammybarkin 1746 days ago

Why does treyarch hate the ps3 :( why

ixfor 1746 days ago

how come mine doesnt show up :(

community119 1746 days ago

same here, it doesn't freaking work, same with the control options for theater mode, #FAIL

RealDemetriusS 1746 days ago

everytime i try to turn the feature on the next time i get on black ops the feature is disabeled. :(

RealDemetriusS 1746 days ago

but it dosent work

sloshhhh2nd 1746 days ago

and can i ask you if you are beening in HARDCODE WAR to black ops 9 on 9 like you hard it on waw

sloshhhh2nd 1746 days ago

hi just letting you no that games on xbox 360 are cheeting by doing hardline pro to cheage the CARE PACKAGE

ToastyFresh 1747 days ago

My god. Fanboys are so dumb they make me cry sometimes.

sunix8 1747 days ago