Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Name this city! World heritage. #spacegeo #iss #space

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2051 days ago

Name this city! World heritage. #spacegeo #iss #space


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DICTATOR_KALI 2047 days ago


ercocen 2048 days ago

should be Cairo, will be there 10 days later and check it:))

PC0101 2051 days ago

If no evident clues, the comments here tell U how to find approximate coordinates:

PC0101 2051 days ago

My clues: Big river, densely packed houses, wide open agricultural fields. Cairo came to my mind.

margari_mar 2051 days ago

lindo! como siempre!

debhealing 2051 days ago

Yes...deifinatly Ciaro

frankaamalian2 2051 days ago

It seems to Cairo

fonsecagil 2051 days ago

It`s easy, my friend Soichi, it`s great Cairo (Al-Qahirah) more precisely west side of the Nile in the upper side of the picture, almost you can see the pyramids

Kickalien 2051 days ago

Beautiful! Umm...any specific shape to help a beginner recognize the city? ...maybe a lot.

a_cup_of_sea 2051 days ago

♪ばったふらぁー 今日わぁー 今まーでーのー♪♪♪。。。。。。。。。。。ええ…‘木村カイロ’ってオチですが、なにか…( ̄・・ ̄)。。。orz...

chigasakihiramo 2051 days ago

エジプト カイロですね  最近エジプト多いですね

Hasfast 2051 days ago

It is indeed Cairo, Egypt. The picture here is a bit skewed, naturally,

meteoxabia 2051 days ago

Yo creo que no es El Cairo, demasiado verde para serlo.

yuppybubby 2051 days ago

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park?

PC0101 2051 days ago

The hi-res (4288 x 2929; 1 MB), taken 20100308, 144559 GMT is here:

PC0101 2051 days ago

Cairo, Egypt. Turn the pic 90° left for usual map view. Nile river insula with the bridges is exactly here: 30.056971,31.221085

nielspostma 2051 days ago


nielspostma 2051 days ago


artrium_kobe 2051 days ago

Where is here?
World Heritage..... hummmmm

asaphjay 2051 days ago

I think its Lamu / Malindi - but I may jus be an enthusiastic Kenyan