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Got to get some cat food. Found some kittens in the barn. Precious little guys.

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1836 days ago

Got to get some cat food. Found some kittens in the barn. Precious little guys.


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Claudia_7 1673 days ago

i love cats... so cute !!!!

MaryGtwiNews 1678 days ago

how are the cats holding up

Lis30001 1736 days ago

so sweet i love little cats

taclbe 1736 days ago

They are so cute.

Routledge_Vamp 1738 days ago

Huh? They are even cuter than you. Sorry dude. I love my farm found kitty too.

DanicaJozipovic 1745 days ago

Adorable little kittens. :)
Have you kept them ?

ZiliyasOwl_ 1764 days ago

just naked dolls!)))

LuanadosSantoos 1765 days ago

oun *-*

melissa_62x 1769 days ago

aawwww i want one!!xxx

Coming4TheKill 1773 days ago

Aww, they' re adorable

JamesONeil96 1773 days ago

Aww,so cute

curiousbutterfl 1784 days ago

Awwww, So cute!

Allannis_Muller 1784 days ago

i love cats ♥

royalpurple23 1804 days ago

Awww. My daughter & I think they're sooo cuuute!

DeiseTaila 1804 days ago

hi i also love cats and have a handful

LutzOfLove4JB 1808 days ago

aawww they are so cute!! im going to call then Edward, Emmet and jasper XD (sorry carlisle) lol

DULLCE2 1812 days ago

que monada!!

Brizz_Briseira 1812 days ago

awwww!!! so cutes!!! XD

FlawlessStew1D 1812 days ago

cute... they're lucky it was you who found them!

Vampire_Stefana 1812 days ago

Too cute!!! I'm really crazy about cats!!! ♥♥♥