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When the zombie apocalypse comes, which team would you rather be on? #fromset #Mythbusters

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2285 days ago

When the zombie apocalypse comes, which team would you rather be on? #fromset #Mythbusters


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Audio_C5005 2215 days ago

hahah Kari always gets the big guns

geekgirldiva 2284 days ago

::grin:: Why do I have to choose? Can't I have both?

ActionChick 2284 days ago

Much as I want to say Kari because I'd rather hang out with her, I know Tori's the better shot.

pedg 2284 days ago

Team Kari all well and good if the zombies all come from the front.. For all round safety have to go with team Tory on this one (plus a lot easier to run away!).

Stuart_Poole 2285 days ago

Tory he can be the distraction while i pick em off, beside a 50 cal is great for long range it's very poor up close and finding the ammo would be more tedious than a 12 gauge. The shotgun can be suited to both up close and mid range making it perfect for

andy_hc 2285 days ago

Is that an M82A1 ?
You can kill zombie godzilla with that thing !

MarianoBryant 2285 days ago


SDWatmough 2285 days ago

Thought impossible, adding zombies to 'Kari + Guns' has actually made her MORE popular on the net.

wyatt_e 2285 days ago

<sigh> I'd let Kari vaporize my reanimated corpse any day...

bonniegrrl 2285 days ago

I think I'm in love... with BOTH of them!

hamsterish 2285 days ago

Kari. Duh. Fearless and a good shot.

irishthief1 2285 days ago

how about the mythbusters team in general? need to balance the team out

blazerrose 2285 days ago

Shotgun. No ?. Though seeing the splatter from a .50cal might confirm the zombie annihilation

Mr_Grumpy_Pants 2285 days ago

Team Kari *obviously*

TheButterZone 2285 days ago

50 BMG or .416 Barrett aren't too plentiful, & it is an anti-materiel rifle... tank zombies? FFUU!

MrSantamaria 2285 days ago

Kari's team... not even a close contest there Grant :)

Icesnake1950 2285 days ago

I'm with Kari. She's smart enough to stay a thousand yards away from the zombies. Shotguns are for close-up and personal zombie cleanup.

drifter92 2285 days ago

Shotguns are the standard for Zombie Apocalypses just like AKs are the standard for modern war.

IggyFenton 2285 days ago

Lookout there's a monster comming!

Rabid8264 2285 days ago

Duh!! Kari's team! She's the one holding the sniper rifle!