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Epic battle in math class? I think so. Btw? I totally won :)

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1403 days ago

Epic battle in math class? I think so. Btw? I totally won :)


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darciemarie 1391 days ago

aha this is soo funny!!! Aislinn youre the best!! <3 ahah

DegrassiloverRe 1391 days ago

Soo you were the Green ? Lol

Dianakinz 1392 days ago


heyHeba 1401 days ago

hahaha this is soo funny
and ur against native indian? thats kinda messed up -.-

Marissa_Massey 1402 days ago

haha!! poor indians):

domenicaa54 1402 days ago

i love how the indian is totally outnumbered and the only dead one :D

BushraRocks 1402 days ago

Cool, ur against indidans. What other epic battles shall continue in math class?

Michey_M 1402 days ago

So I'm guessing you just bring random Solider toys to math class! VERY PRODUCTIVE hahah (;

AdorableAlli 1402 days ago

Haha I would probably love math if that happened. :P

amiraexoxo 1402 days ago

well... this would probably make math more exciting for me, even if the cowboys won.

BoycottTheCaf 1403 days ago

Yeah. Indian is dead. Cowboys won! Just like in real life! Wooo! Go team!

TheAislinnPArmy 1403 days ago

haha were you the green?

NicoleGenge 1403 days ago

Hahaha Aislinn, you and I are actually identical. This is how I spend my history classes ♥

awesomeness1198 1403 days ago

lolz im on your team!!

xydnarBx 1403 days ago

lmao! that blue guy totally had it comin to him! (:

eemorillo 1403 days ago

LOLOL OMG Aislinn this just made me love you soooooo much more! <3

HeatherPoulette 1403 days ago

lmao. But you need a ninja action figure too...