Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Fly high, sky high. Passed the annual checkride, I feel high! #nasa #t38

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1536 days ago

Fly high, sky high. Passed the annual checkride, I feel high! #nasa #t38


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Tonchangogo 1515 days ago

Cooooooooo000000lllll!!!(ノ・`ω・)ノ゙ヵヮィィヽ(・ω´・ゞ)ヵヮィィ (・`ω´・+)b 超coool

DeanDee 1521 days ago

#awesome photo finish great........

auramavega 1526 days ago


elio20 1534 days ago

I wanna be up there too!

badanha1 1535 days ago

Can You bring me in a travel like this? hehehehehe

paigntonducks 1536 days ago

Lookin good !!!

Geshiela 1536 days ago

Nice! Top gun moment!

a_cup_of_sea 1536 days ago


CineAny 1536 days ago

So cool! I wish I were a pilot!!!

Kickalien 1536 days ago

・・・・すごい! これ野口さん?・・ 「かっこいい!」

jeannepensa 1536 days ago

I like being a bird to fly They are the symbol of real freedom.Nice photo!

chigasakihiramo 1536 days ago


Junk0Aq2 1536 days ago

Sooo coool! 野口さん超かっこいいんですけど。

geunyang_25 1536 days ago


THEMooCowMama 1536 days ago

Too cool :)

eviindrawanto 1536 days ago

Who's taken the picture? Your self? Hehehe..Like your style..

happybongo 1536 days ago

Cooooool! You are cooler than Tom Cruise!!

TheciaPriscilla 1536 days ago

cool, I really meant cool =D

TheciaPriscilla 1536 days ago

Astro Soichi, you're co guy!!!

yonayona_pengui 1536 days ago

Aha ! It makes me very happy :=))