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Gave up on Flash, going with hand drawn for now.  Clockwork Guitar.  C&C?

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1249 days ago

Gave up on Flash, going with hand drawn for now. Clockwork Guitar. C&C?


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SoraToHoshi 1246 days ago

basically yeah, that was my source pic :)

SoraToHoshi 1248 days ago

wow 235 views! thanks guys!

Dracelix 1248 days ago

SoraToHoshi 1249 days ago

I just saw!! it looks great and its just lineart!!

Zheenx 1249 days ago

Here is a demonstration of the progress of your guitar!

SoraToHoshi 1249 days ago

thanks! lol thanks, honestly Im not that good XD ok cool!

Blackdimond_ 1249 days ago

Np and I agree with

Zheenx 1249 days ago

You want her to be kind with clockwork, pointers etc?

Zheenx 1249 days ago

I'm doing it in flash, and will post how (Sora Item Creator!) and I'll put the original design of hand, with your name! ♥

xAzianxPridex 1249 days ago

=O ive never seen anyone draw like that b4! awesome work!

RinDasuto 1249 days ago

Not much to critique, it's perfect!

SoraToHoshi 1249 days ago

Id try but my Flash skills still lack badly

SoraToHoshi 1249 days ago

thank you :) if you do you credit me with the orig drawing!!!

Zheenx 1249 days ago

I wanted to try it in flash, I do not know if I can! O_O

Blackdimond_ 1249 days ago

Oh my gosh that's awesome

SoraToHoshi 1249 days ago

thank you!!! Im pretty proud of it.

Zheenx 1249 days ago

Awesome!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ I really liked it! ♥♥♥♥♥