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Yummy yummy gavin payback

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1720 days ago

Yummy yummy gavin payback


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kuberater 1717 days ago

Where did my neck go?

MMark67 1717 days ago

Chris Moyles Daddy ......

SmileToYourFace 1718 days ago

What goofs u all are! that's why i love you guys!!!

ebineez01 1719 days ago

he really does look a bit like Chris Moyles now haha

Toni_M_Taylor 1719 days ago

ha ha ha!!!

SaRaH_RoAcH_x 1719 days ago

Tha is just brilliant, loving it

hope2259 1720 days ago

HAHA you're all mad! And I love it! ;D

WELSHBOY70 1720 days ago

poor Gavin

sarahwindass 1720 days ago

That actually looks like he's really like that. Thats scary haha

MrsHarkness 1720 days ago

@ Gavin_Barker those eyes are still piercingly blue! ;o)

MrsHarkness 1720 days ago

PMSL! ;o)

darrowbythirsk 1720 days ago


milikins85 1720 days ago

did he eat all of Chris Moyles cake, i though u wanted the cake sent 2 u not Gavin LOL :-D, only kidding Gavin is cute 4 his age lol x.

StephanieCxxx 1720 days ago

OMG John!!! You're evil but blooming hilarious!! You have well and truly got him back!! LOL

wolfgalchazz 1720 days ago

ha ha ha haa ha that is so funny its also getting to that time of night when everything is funny

aligilleard 1720 days ago

omg how many sweets did you eat lol!

HanSparkle86 1720 days ago

OMG its Chris Moyles' twin :o PMSL John funny as!!

Leanne_LMM 1720 days ago

Haha poor gavin

OhSkittledOne 1720 days ago

Thinks Gavin should get you back now and do the same

everabebe 1720 days ago

You ate so good at being bad!!!