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Barrowman asleep and drooling.

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1530 days ago

Barrowman asleep and drooling.


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_aimeegrace 1374 days ago

I must say this is very beautiful John!

JohnScottTwitr 1488 days ago

awwww bless! so sweet and funny! lol xxxxxxxxx love him so so so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

snowbunny1233 1492 days ago


mandalyndelaney 1525 days ago

haha, VERY funny!!x

AudreyEmerson 1525 days ago

What a lovely pic of John sleeping. He earns his rest time. love you John. Audrey

jeannius 1526 days ago

should have known you'd be a mac person! yay!

Emma_JBSG 1527 days ago

hope u felt better after mate. lol. cute!!!

torchwoodjbfan 1527 days ago

he played with his toys and its tired him out!!!!!!!!!

kuberater 1527 days ago

Awww asleep on the train with all his toys .

ScrapperInBlack 1528 days ago

And I thought I was the only one to fall asleep like that! But he also manages to be WAY cuter.

scottgels 1529 days ago

that must be a odd way to sleep

bassmum 1529 days ago

aww, bless!!

NixGreen 1529 days ago

Aww poor John, must have been shattered and as for GAvin, you EVIL, EVIL man! LOL! x x x

darkeyes05 1529 days ago

hahaha cool x

Lorraine_QE2 1529 days ago

Alas the man does sleep!!!!

THE_DOCT0R 1529 days ago


SnowJB 1529 days ago

*rofl* :p

ebineez01 1529 days ago

awwww - looks like your laptop is doin a cookie monster on your hand :)

ilvDT4eva 1529 days ago

wonder if he could straighten his head wen he woke ? oww stiff neck how can u sleep like that ?

Toni_M_Taylor 1529 days ago

Oh dear I can feel that neck pain already!! Done it many times myself!! Hope you slept well!