Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Nobody messes with Kari's merry-go-round! #fromset #Mythbusters

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1746 days ago

Nobody messes with Kari's merry-go-round! #fromset #Mythbusters


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InvestDetroit 1738 days ago

When boobtrapping play equipment. safety glasses are a must.

tehgideon 1745 days ago

Childproofing: you're doing it wrong ;)

andy_hc 1745 days ago

Oh my god, how can somebody look that amazingly sexy and beautiful with safety glasses on? Thats impossible, i think the space time fabric will start to bend in that episode

direspawn 1746 days ago

I submitted a myth that children are impervious to barbwire. I guess they're trying to disprove me...

briflight 1746 days ago

I've never seen safety glasses look so beautiful. The manufacturer should definitely hire you!

Spit9lvr 1746 days ago

Maximun security not so merry go round

hawkeman 1746 days ago

"Scary-go-round"! Sort of upgrades the whole king of the mountain game!

Ken_Sly 1746 days ago

Hard to imagine what this myth might be.

KVenkman 1746 days ago

Mwuaahahaaa... Guaranteeing indoor playing habits since 2010... no playground is safe!

MattFarran 1746 days ago

Let me guess, you sit on it... THEN YOU DIE! haha

Fetiche_DC 1746 days ago

Wow! That looks hard! I think I wouldn't play on it LoL Cheers guys!

ve2vfd 1746 days ago

Ah the joys of motherhood! =D