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This is the breaking news in la. My god. I know we can do better..

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2256 days ago

This is the breaking news in la. My god. I know we can do better..


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Mossback 2220 days ago

Stay tuned for "How To Rehab a Broken Ankle"

thehulkgaz 2231 days ago

I wanna know why that guy at the front is wearing high heels. Oh wait a sec...

Markho23 2245 days ago

...but you're still watching it...hmmm?

JohnALinc 2246 days ago

don't heels give you "hammer toe"? My Grandma has Hammer Toe from all the Heels she wore in the day. Her big toe crosses over her other toe. *licky licky

tbone_on_the_go 2252 days ago

What don't they have some nws then that in la

BIGGMOFO 2253 days ago

this is totally insane! lmao

Naydeeners1989 2254 days ago

High heel workout? That's phony! You can't exercise with those tall shoes on ya. You could fall!

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 2255 days ago

How stupid! Look that chick in the bkgrnd lost her whole leg & heel from this workout!

Hailamonster 2255 days ago


Jasonian18 2256 days ago

NO!....we cannot.

POP_AJOE 2256 days ago


missemmamm 2256 days ago


Lonnilov 2256 days ago


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Iskoshi1991 2256 days ago

yeah, this is a sign that the world is ending.

Verneshot 2256 days ago

I think RuPaul started the fad.

swanagram 2256 days ago

It's preparing girls for that role as a stripper if acting doesn't work out

theoneandonlyMD 2256 days ago

Apparently, heels work the calves and glutes. That's latin for butt muscle. #incaseyoudidntknow

timmygottina 2256 days ago

Follow me.....

timmygottina 2256 days ago

Maybe the breaking news are the females themselves!